Our Services

Begin to Bloom

A 60-minute consultation with a 30-minute follow-up to develop a personalized treatment plan using plant medicine and flower essences.

Bloom Flawless

A 30-minute consultation for optimal dosing and best use practices for those already in good health.

Keep Blooming

A 30-minute consultation for current patients to manage flares, new symptoms, and triggers.

Bloom Ascend - Elevated Wellness Session

A 90-minute elevated wellness session to release fears, insecurities, pain, and trauma.

Bloom Anew

A 60-minute consultation with a 30-minute follow-up focusing on can*abis use disorder in teens, adolescents, and adults.

Bloom Gifted

A 60-minute consultation with a 30-minute follow-up to guide the use of plant medicine for individuals with special needs.

Bloom Forward

A 15-minute phone consultation to help customers choose appropriate products.

Medicated Meditation Sessions

A series of six 40-minute guided medicated meditation sessions.

What we do

Find Peace Through Plant Medicines​

Providing professional, personalized support to help individuals navigate life‘s challenges and achieve their goals naturally.

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A $50 deposit is required to book a session. The price of the session chosen will be shown in the calendar description. Thank you. I look forward to our meeting!

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Take the first step towards profound healing and elevated wellness by booking your personalized consultation with Uzma today. During this comprehensive session, she will design an integrative treatment plan tailored to your needs, empowering you to unlock your highest potential through the transformative power of plant-based remedies.

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