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Pioneering Integrated Botanical Wellness Solutions

Bloom Higher is a trailblazing wellness company dedicated to empowering individuals through the profound healing potential of plant-based remedies. Our integrative approach, guided by expert pharmacist, Uzma, curates innovative botanical and cannabinoid solutions alongside personalized education and dosage plans. We are committed to helping you unlock your highest levels of holistic wellbeing by reconnecting with nature’s wisdom.

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Our Founder

Uzma is a pioneering pharmacist who witnessed the opioid crisis firsthand, driving her passion for natural healing with plant medicines. As a dispensary pharmacist and cannabis educator in Connecticut, Uzma has significantly influenced the state’s industry. A cum laude pharmacy graduate, she now integrates internal medicine with cannabinoid therapeutics at her practice Bloom Higher. The company curates innovative plant-based products and provides education to help clients achieve profound wellness through the healing potential of nature’s remedies.

Uzma Zakir, RPH

Why Bloom Higher

Achieving Serenity Through Nature's Remedies

Our mission is to help you rediscover a profound sense of natural wellbeing you may have thought was lost. Through Uzma’s compassionate, soul-centered approach and our meticulously curated plant-based remedies, we provide you with holistic healing solutions tailored to your needs and comfort level. Many of our clients express amazement at the renewed vibrancy and ease they experience, exclaiming “I didn’t know feeling like this was possible again.” With genuine care, we guide you toward integrating nature’s wisdom to unlock your body and mind’s innate ability to achieve balance, vitality and an elevated state of being.

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Don’t let physical, mental or emotional stresses hold you back from feeling like your absolute best self. We’ll help you tap into nature’s profound ability to restore and elevate your state of being.

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